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Fantastic assassin game, locate your mark, kill him, then get out without anyone seeing you. If they find the body well, you just better hope you have a good hiding spot
A sequel to one of the best games I've played in a long time
The first time I played Sonic was in a Sam's Club. I remember thinking "why are there 3 buttons on this controller? They all do the same thing" and that's why the sega genesis was a failure
When i saw this game i didn't know what to expect. It's not a first person shooter like unreal tournament is, but it does a really good job porting those same 'fun' elements over to flash
If you're not playing this right now you should be. This game has so much depth to it you almost don't wanna call it a flash game (Submitted by Raeman)
You start with nothing and upgrade it.. How can you upgrade nothing? I guess that's a lot like multiplying by zero..
You can buy upgrades for Everything. Want a better description? $10
Minecraft with robots! Oh but you cant build anything. Sorry.