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Balls and sticks, you know the drill (far too well)
This is a game you can't rush in to. As a sniper every shot has to count, mistakes are not an option. Read through the briefing before you start each mission
How many stick figures have you killed today? None? Lets fix that...
Ever wish Rockstar was less of a party game and more of a puzzle game? Me either. Oh and the only instrument left is the drums, sorry.
It's like the game spore, just evil
Phage Wars clone with some fancy new features
Ever wonder how gravity works? Sure we all do. Turns out doctors throw every baby in a field of red arrows to ensure they don't float away like a helium balloon
Back in the day the had a game called Pitfall 2, you would venture underground in search of treasure avoiding the many dangers below. This is not that game
The graphics didn't impress me, what did was the gameplay
So here's the story- t goes off and leaves I all alone, I feels lonely and begins his long journey in search of t. I didn't say it was a good story.
This is one of those epic games you'll play for hours, so simplistic yet so deep. You have to survive 20 nights by fighting off zombies by night, and scouting for guns and other survivors by day
"It's been a month; back at square one. The crash still haunts me. They're still everywhere. Radio broadcast said today that they're sealing off the mainland. 40 days until the last boats and aircraft leave. Got to make it to Union City"
Like a one man racing game, the only thing stopping you and your missle is a bunch of obstacles. With full 360 degrees of 2-D action, this game will fustrate you till you walk away in disgust
Ok we're past the point where games make sense. Shoot the balls at the squares and don't ask why you're doing it
Physics is that one guy who drives 34 in a 35 because he's afraid he'll get pulled over. Seriously physics, relax, laws are made to be broken.
Adventure game that's a mix between Myst and Amnesia
Not your average point and click adventure! This one has a bear!
When things eat you you'll gain their abilities. Wait that doesn't sound right...
I'm not quite sure how you construct a tower in space, or why you would want to. Nevertheless here we have one of the best tower defense games ever
Simply Amazing. I've never see a flash game so polished. Hurry up get in here and play it!
This is truly a very hard game. Seems so simplistic by the picture too...
Remember when Mythbusters used Thermite to cut a car in half? This is exactly like that. Exactly. Like. That.
Amazing shooter game, just look at that picture! This is not one to pass up
This isn't a game it's an experience
Futuristic laser guns made you fat
This is not your typical lunch break game. Work your way across the countryside solving tile-related puzzles in the various factories
The game where you portal to multiple rooms with multiple dimensions. That's so much math you're guaranteed to have fun. Switch between two colors and ignore your future self to get to the end.. IF you get to the end
Play for five minutes you're hooked
That same music... how hard is it to find a new tune?
This is the real reason dinosaurs are extinct, lasers, treadmills, and classy top hats all contributed to their downfall
Pirates love booty, big booty, the kinda booty you can sink your teeth in to.. you know... to make sure its real...
Guitar Hero without the guitar, so i guess just Hero then? Keyboard Hero? ..hrm, no that makes it sound like you're playing a piano keyboard..
Everything's better with Bacon. Kevin Bacon.