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Kill the zombies!
The picture doesn't do this game justice, i could talk about it all day but easiest way would be for you to just play it. Easily one of the best action games on this site
Ninjas can't be Scientists, and Scientists can't be Pirates. Ninjas and Pirates are sworn enemies and have been for centuries. This artist has created a Science Ninja which, obviously, is completely impossible.
Great shooter game, like a side scrolling Unreal Tournament
A game that tests your reflexes. Don't let the sheep fool you, they're quite fast, and getting the highest rating is quite hard
Zombies take over the world. Sure, it's inevitable, but this isn't a survival horror, it's human domination. Take back whats yours.
Is it bad I played this game for 3 hours? Probably should have done something a bit more ..constructive?
There really isn't a way to describe this game you'll just have to experience it. You'll need a scroll mouse to play
Asteroids without the space ship. Protect your base at all costs
Is that.. a box of poo? Why would he keep that around is he collecting it? Do dragons do that? Seems rather gross, even for a dragon
Lirali told me to add this game to the site, but at first glance i was like 'eh' ... but once i started playing it i was enthralled. A platformer with puzzle elements. Reminds me of zelda ... well, you know, that time link had that big red beard
You just lost it.
Use your robot powers to grow the landscape. Robots can grow plants, who says they can't
Amazing survival horror game. Guns? Na I'll just run them over with my car
Don't ever run over a rabbit with your car. Ever.
Twice the Robots, Twice the Killing
London robots sure do like to riot
Robot needs be a little more content with what he has
Even robots agree cats are mostly worthless. Be a pal and help the robot get a real pet.
A shooter made entirely in ascii. Worth a look .. but not a long look ... why'd i put this up?
Oh no! The evil crab lord has stolen your hat!
I don't care how far you run the sun is going to win, maybe we should just set down on Venus and watch the intergalactic fireworks
Like Grandpa always said "It's not about who's fastest, it's about who remembered to bring their gravity reversal ray"