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What site would be complete without Pac-Man!? Incase this is your first time on earth i'll give you the run down. You're the yellow C and you have to eat up all the white dots without the ghosts eating you. Big white things let you eat ghosts, cherries make you happy, etc. Enjoy!
Wow nice wall animation! Oh wait, it breaks if the mouse is on the left side of the character. Hrm
Aids? Sars? Pick your poison and unleash it upon the world
Aliens, Monsters you've fought them all. But big spiders? Retreat!
Techno space invaders with co-op. Need I say more?
Like any organism your job is to stay alive, and what better way to do that than to kill everyone else.
Just as good as the original. Win by killing everyone that isn't the same color as you.
The time of cars has come. All humans will be eliminated!
These are some huge pixels, seriously you'd have to run a resolution of 80x60 to get pixels this big
I never really liked the game asteroids, so I said replace the asteroids with aliens and add an upgrade system, then we'll talk.
Show Muhammad you've got what it takes by blowing up everyone and everything around you. Don't kid yourself those infidels had it coming
For those of you who remember Colecovision know for a fact it did NOT have graphics that were this good!
It's like Geometry Wars except you don't need a 360 to play it
Insert shameless Newgrounds plug here
If you haven't played the game Portal go out and buy it now. With that said, this is a fan-made version of the game in flash that's really, REALLY well done
This game first appeared on the commodore 64 and has been a cornerstone in adventure gaming ever since. This flash is a promotion for the new PoPersia game, which i advise you to try since it captures the origional gameplay in a 3D environment
You're a block who can't remember anything (like most blocks I assume). Standard rules apply
Can you find your way to the end while collecting all 3 stars? I should hope so its not that hard
Remember this game on NES? Its a little different for copyright reasons, but it gets the job done.
A favorite on newgrounds, this lets you create your own punk music. Oddly enough almost everything that comes out of the punk-o-matic sounds good, sometimes really good for that matter. Definatly worth a try even if you hate that type of music
Once I lost a hat on a jet. I ripped my arms and legs off and rolled around until I found it. This is my story