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One of the most amazing flash games I have ever played. What more needs to be said get in here!
One of the most unique ideas for a game yet. In order to get your ball to its goal you must DRAW a shape to interact with it. Once drawn the shape will have the same physics you'd expect any object to have in the real world
A magnetic ball game sponsored by AXE. You can't touch your balls directly though you'll have to use the power of magnetism.
Put your little man in the gap, but be quick otherwise you'll get squished!
this war is MASSIVE! well no not really, more of a small skirmish. Still fun tho, just like a real war
Build your evil empire and take over the world! One of my favorite games on the site
The goal of this game is to get the 'dark guy' to the goal before the 'light guy' ...good clean racist fun!
There's a key hidden in every level. Can you find them all?
Not to be confused with Bionic Commando for NES. Man that was a great game, with that grapple hook I was unstoppable..
Alright you need 2 hands for this game so put down that wendys application. Trust me that job isnt' going anywhere...
Amazing top down shooter where you, robin hood or link or somebody have to fight off millions of Sherwood's soldiers or Gannons minions. Give to the poor / obtain Triforce to win
This game so closely resembles the 'Megaman X' series on the SNES it's scary. The controls may take some getting used to, but so very worth it
Picture warcraft on a much larger, and much smaller scale. A great idea, however it leads you by the hand till the last level which isn't very hard at all, but none the less it is a fun game in its own way, give it a shot
Another game about Minecraft without all the fun of Minecraft. Hooray!
Build mini towers to keep the mini tanks from reaching your mini base
Minigolf at its finest. It can't ever seem to connect to the server so click practice if you're having the same problem I had
Take a ball of energy and slingshot it towards the enemy. The faster the ball travels the more unstable it becomes
Alright there's monsters, there's a castle, and you have to defend it. Simple enough
Good typist? Then you'll love this game. Bad typist? well maybe play a different game. Or get better, I don't know
One of the coolest flash games i've played, its just like playing world of warcraft! well sorta ... regardless if you like turn based RPG fighting you'll love this game
Less about museums and thieves, more about finding the differences between 2 pictures...
You always remember your first