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A most epic of games. You play the roll of Larry the chosen one on his way to see the king. I won't ruin the rest, go check it out
If you liked Plants vs Zombies you'll love this game, if not you'll probably still love this game.
One of the best flash RPGs i've played. Very in depth sparing no expense in the graphics department. take a look!
Love portal but hate cake and think quantum physics should get a room? Then this is your game!
Insanity can only be staved by smooth, acoustic guitar
Empty the water pots into the tanks so they equal. In this game you can cross streams, unlike in ghostbusters and public bathrooms.
Remember Lemmings? yea this game isn't lemmings, but if you liked said game you'll love this one. Unfortunatly since it is a demo it only includes 8 levels or so, although if you like it I advise you to buy it from their website
Ten thousand years ago a robotic civilization lost power and screeched to a halt. It's your duty to bring your world back to life
Help Jonah 'the hunch' find happiness. Lets hope plastic surgery is an option
I don't really know how to explain this one, only that it's a lot of fun (read addicting). Collect the different colored balls before the time runs out ~
You're the square and you have to get next to as many other squares as possible without hitting them. Sounds like love to me