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Flash games have progressed to a point they've reached 90s PC adventure games
This isn't really a game, but i'm not sure what to call it so enjoy the game!
The object of this game is to guide the stupid guy to the exit by letting balloons go from below. Beware of springy tiles and the like, its harder than you'd think
Everyone loves zombies, therefore everyone should be a zombie. Help make it happen.
Infect the entire world with your dirty little disease
I have to warn you this game has THE WORST intro song of ANY game on my site. I'm not joking, it's beyond terrible
This isn't Infectonator so don't get your hope up, although it is a lot of fun. What better way to kill zombies than as a 50 foot tall giant
Protip: When flying an intergalactic space ship across the galaxy bring repair tools in case it breaks
Some people get through life on looks alone, others rely on their intelligence. You.. might want to work on your IQ...
I love those games where you set it up and watch it play out. I could see how some would call this a tower defense game
You have to guide your mouse around the maze, trick is you can't see your own mouse so you have to guess where it is looking at the 6 orbs around you
Available in the iPhone App Store because Apple can't handle Flash...
Physics based puzzle shooter. Shoot your balls off at the squares ..wait that doesn't sound right...