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Gruesome And Proud? One of the most unique puzzle games on my site. Enjoy!
Ever see a diamond the size of your torso? This guy has, in fact to him it's just another Monday
My favorite Tower Defense game by far. You attack the enemy by creating gems with you fit into your towers. You can even hurl a gem at your enemy when times get desperate
Tower defense game where you create gems to defeat your enemies. One of the best tower defense games on this site
Just your standard generic defense game ...or is it...
A Geometry Wars clone that's actually good!
Museum quality simulation of how our bodies work. Play the role of your immune system by placing towers that shoot germs with bullets, just like real life
This tower defense game has nothing to do with ghosts and nothing to do with hacking.
Drugs, you don't need 'em just play this game
Click to remove the blobs, score high enough to get to the next level. Be careful though sometimes the easiest route will cause you to lose
Pop all the goo balls by any means necessary
Remember Lemmings? Well this isn't lemmings. The object is to get all the grain from the drop point on the left to the bucket on the right. One of my favorites
Yes I know they spelled Gravity wrong...
Scenario: One person describes a horrific story of two starving parents abandoning their kids in the forest for dead so they themselves might live another day, a second person says "wow that sounds like a great flash game!"
Play 16 games at the same time. Sound confusing? ..lol it is
The object of this game is to get the blue rectangle outside of the box by moving it right, you can move the other pieces but only up and down or side to side based on their longest side. It's simple but hard to explain, you'll see
Blue balls hurt, and whatever you do don't let them touch