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Follow Rupert through a spooky mansion and roll your eyes at his sarcastic British humor. With any luck you can trap him in there forever
It's basically that 90's movie Tremors, just without Kevin Bacon
Place your pieces on the board to complete the Rube Goldberg machine. Reminds me of the game The Incredible Machine
Defend the town you've foolishly built on a little island out in the south pacific
Pixel platformer with enough quests and upgrades to keep you busy for a very long time
Tight gameplay and a snappy theme song, I hope this war never ends!
Mario and Luigi, and Antonio, Sergio, Paolo, Carlo, Francesco, Giuseppe, Giorgio, Luciano, Giovanni, Salvatore...
Turtles pour out of pipes and it's your job to get the biggest combo by any means necessary.
Wow.. this just might be the best puzzle game on the site (portal excluded). Original and very well executed
A good attempt at a horror adventure game, although a bit on the easy side. Nonetheless it still is a good game, i advise you to take a look at it
One of those games where you first say 'what is this, this is terrible' and end up saying 'wow... this is Genius!' (unless you hate it)
Depressing platformer where you realize life is a race against itself to the end. Enjoy!
Complete the challenges and you'll win your freedom. That's the promise anyway, probably a lie. Everything seems to be a lie these days, they didn't even promise me cake!