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Classic arcade fighting along the lines of Double Dragon, you are the bully who picks on everyone for no good reason. Like any great fighting game you can do combo moves, pick up your opponents and use your surroundings to your advantage
In complete darkness you need light, or as it were 'paint' to light your way
Protip: Don't bully little children because they'll grow up to be super villains bent on world domination
This game amazes me, normally flash games are not this indepth. You play the roll of a ghost and, well, i'll let you find out the rest for yourself
Remember your cousin Nancy who went to prison for hitting that kid on a bike? This is her story
Really spooky adventure game. I woulda put it in the halloween section except it's too good to keep seasonal. Play it with the lights off :P
No, this isn't a game, i'm sorry it's just a piece of leftover code. I'll clean it up for you, no interaction from you is required. Please continue on your way and play a different game.
Fun little puzzle game where you have to blow up all the bombs on the screen without blowing yourself up in the process. I love how he screams when he falls off the map. Good times
"It's dangerous to go alone" Take this saying with a grain of salt. When life drops you down a cave sometimes you've got to go it alone
Evolution as a Revolution
This is a tall game, a very very tall game
The arcade classic, emulated right down to the 8 bit sound and slow controls. If you haven't played this yet try it, its truly a classic
Yes, the classic Doom game from ID has been ported to Flash! As a bonus they've also included Hexen and Heretic. You may need to update your flash player to play this game
On of my favorite games on the site. Reminds me of super smash TV on the SNES mixed with gauntlet. Walk with your arrow keys, shoot with your mouse
Alright weird name, cool game. Your job is to find your way to the top by using the wheels... the wheels of salvation...
I'm not sure you understand how awesome this game really is
This is a great idea for a game. Not only do you control your character but you also have to draw lines for him to walk on. Levels get much harder as you progress
Just like Draw Play 1 the goal is to guide your character to the flag by drawing lines on the screen with your mouse
Ugh zombie apocalypse and your car breaks down. Typical!
A Two player flash game?! Oh if you don't have any friends don't fret, there's a single player mode too