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run like you stole somethin'
Kirley and his men encounter their worst nightmares and are ordered to defend the trench at any cost. Also, zombies.
'The Beard Will Devour You!'. This game is all about Tom Fulp's commitment to not shave his face until his next console game, Castle Crashers, is completed
There's a cat, and he has a bow, and it's Golf. I think this game started out as a madlib (Submitted by slick23)
Who knew caves would be so difficult to transverse. One of the hardest games here
Pure Win. Super Smash Bros clone so close to the real thing you'll forget you're playing a flash game
Bust out the rave sticks it's time to show this blue ball some action
A very well done adventure game, here you command this purple plata-duck-thing to do your bidding. Tip: don't give up within the first 5 sec like I did the first time i played, there really is a deep involving game here!
Manipulate the lives of others to succeed!
Doctor Who, except everyone's a robot
Control your tribe and crush the opposing tribe into oblivion.
I don't know why kids are afraid of the dark, just carry your little light orb around and you'll be safe, of course lose that and you'll fall to your death... enjoy!
Goal here is to create a neutral environment, no positives, no negatives. The photo realistic environments and rich physics engine make this game quite enjoyable, despite the fact that the puzzles will make you want to punch your monitor
Break out the markers and start coloring right on your monitor! It's 2 games in one!
Pete, a black little smudge is caught in a world that isn't what it seems. Ring the doorbell, this world is a lie
So pretty much like your usual friday nights, alone with no one but yourself to keep you company, except here you can jump really high and bend space-time!
Johnny Utah is the best voice actor of our generation. Hands down. No stop arguing its true you know it, I know it and this game knows it
Remember the game portal? Yeah that was fun. Jumping from room to room defying the laws of physics.. where's portal I wanna play that
Such a great game! Stop doing whatever that is, Trig? Pff.. do it later, right now you need to be here
The best adventure flash game i've seen, ever! The object is to escape the room you find youself in. Check everywhere for items, even under and behind stuff. This game does have an end, i swear!
A cross between football, soccer, hockey and a few other sports I'm sure
You've played the original, you beaten the map packs, but are you ready for the exact same thing with better graphics? I should hope so
Finally a game made by gamers, for gamers! (with all the proceeds going to Armor Games..)
Collect as many crystals as you can before you die, and oh yes, you will die
A couple of days ago, in a galaxy nearby...
Block pushing game that gets challenging fast. You play the roll of a black woman in her 30's with a blue hat on. Not really sure what her back story is, perhaps this is all just a futuristic workout for her? Some sort of new Wii Fit from the year 2020? ..Maybe we'll find out in the sequel
Hack and slash your way through a beautifully drawn black and white world
Simply amazing, probably the best tower defense game I've ever played. 3 different towers with upgrade trees, level system with talent upgrades, and gems the size of a small house
More levels for one of the best tower defense games ever made. Enjoy!
Reminds me of lemmings, but with less control. The little mice run around trying to get to the cheese but do such a bad job you have to help them with ordinary pocket items
CyberUF2 is one of those games that is just so cool that you want to play it over and over again, even though its so hard it takes forever just to get past the first level. Using various weapons this game tests your skills in speed and pinpoint accuracy
Can you survive 30 waves of our security defense systems?