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Reminds me of the good old days, the 'secret of monkey islands' and the 'grim fandango' of lucasarts fame. Just click 'Look' and click 'Arthur' on the ground and you'll see what i mean. If you like this game check out the other games at pinheadgames.com (then come back here)
Ever wanted to play as the big brute from Double Dragon? Yeah me either.
Very cool RTS type game. Make sure you play the tutorial or else you'll be *very* confused.
Remember Age of Empires? This isn't it, but it's still fun. Check it out!
Man Age of Empires was a good game, they need to come out with another one. Didn't Microsoft make that? That was pre-360, back when MS was known for Windows and Office. Oh right almost forgot, Age of War 2 check it out
Don't let the horrible graphics fool you this game is not as bad as it looks
It's your job to complete tasks such as constructing a lighthouse, and what better way to do that than by helicopter
A very good shooter game -standard procedure, shoot everything in sight ...just don't try and follow the storyline
As in the first Alias shoot everything in sight, however this time you can climb ladders! XD
Wonderland isn't quite the same anymore. First off Disney isn't involved, second Alice is dead ..oh but I'm guess you already know that.
Yeah she's still dead. Good news you know who you are now, bad news is you're in jail.
Alice is still dead, but hey good news is you still have that bell in your inventory
Nothing to do with aliens, nothing to do with clones, but besides the immediate failures this game i found it very unique in appearance and even dare i say fun?
Yes I know, I know, we all dislike Tom Fulp and his game Alien Hominid.. Just pretend you're playing Smash Brothers as Pikachu or something...
A Flash FPS that's actually good! It's so amazing i'm playing it right now (Submitted by Raeman)
Shoot missiles from a satellite down to earth to attack the invading aliens. Alien movements get more difficult to track as the levels progress
I don't see what the problem is.. she's probably having a great time why bother her
Ah finally a nice calming game. Let me just pick up this item here AAH EVIL! BURN IT!
A great little puzzle game. Here you control Andrew, a robot whos life is more complicated than it should be. If you liked 'Shift' you'll love this
Thousands of terrorists run at you from one direction under the cover of noon
You're a fish with a gun in an old-timey mechanical arcade box...
This is one of those games that seems sooo shallow yet for whatever reason you can't stop playing it
Medieval swordplay is an adrenaline rush. I still can't get over how weird the run animations look; I just assume he's trying to kick everyone in the shins for extra damage
Kinda like Diablo mixed in with Warcraft 3. Not a quick game by any means, only play this when you have some real time to spare
You're this boy hacking and slashing his way across the country side for kicks. Also you have this bird who will retrieve shiny objects for you. That pretty much sums it up
Made by Armor games, imagine that
Much like 4 Second Frenzy, you'll have to pass a random shooting-based minigame to progress through the story
Defend your town with lightning, ice spears and ..quagmire?