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Intense fight scenes, cool music, what more could you want! ...well maybe better animation.. -hey I'm no artist but when she runs it looks like she needs a change of pants
Amazingly animated and voiced, this cartoon will remind you more of a pixar movie than a flash cartoon. No reason to talk more about it, click it and watch
You may know the song, its from Weird Al's Poodle Hat CD. I really can't explain it, it's just something you gotta experience
Don't judge this flash by it's thumbnail. One of my favorites
Hilarious matrix parody, very indepth as well. 6 scenes of the movies are retold quite humerously, even the Architect scene makes more sense this way than it did in the movie. This is a must watch for anyone likes or even dislikes the matrix
No it's not 'the penis mightier'; sorry to disappoint. There's more to creating a flash video than draw a few stick figures and have them kill eachother, as this author shows. Worth a look for sure
The cool thing about this flash isn't all the slashing or the killing, its that all the slashing and killing syncs up to really cool techno music! Watch it, you'll either love it or hate it
This flash was so funny and unique that i made it my cellphone message. The basis is a crazy guy who calls people in the middle of the night and plays them songs with the numbers on his phone
This movie can be seen everywhere, it's just that good. A parody on politics, Bush vs Kerry, it shows the pros and cons of each candidate... mainly cons...
"Tiny Japanese girl, get out my shoebox girl I need to put my shoes away~ They're gonna get all scuffed and that while you're in there, girl, doesn't even fit you -I mean you're small but you're not a midget, girl"
Robots battling it out in a post apocalyptic desert wasteland. Why? The artist don't say. I like to think this is a prequel to the Jetsons