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One of the best stickfigure animations ever made. No description can do it justice, just watch it. Part 1 of 2
This is part2 of the Shock flash. If you haven't seen part1 go watch that first then come back here; you won't be disappointed
The Final Shock. Whats today? Why, it's employee checkup day...
Okay okay you may hate DDR, you may hate cute animation, you may even hate techno.. but give this a chance, i beg you! Well no i'm not going to beg, but the song is catchy and it contains characters from Metal Gear Solid and Chrono Trigger. Hope ya hate it!
With a difference!
Star Wars, Gangsta Style, retelling the star wars saga as it was told in 2000 in the origional star wars rap
This is up here because the song is amazing. The animation? It could be better I'll admit. If you played Super Mario RPG on the SNES back in the day you'll get a kick out of this, otherwise, keep clickin'
All the best reasons to switch back to Mac, including how mac users parasail with movie stars, and how parents beat their children with their PC's
Shows how easy switching to linux is, even a supervillian with a flying chair can do it!