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There are no words to describe this vault, its just that awesome. I advise you to watch these many, many times, then bring your friends over and watch them a few more times
Get down with the clown
Story continues from the abrupt ending in 5.5
This flash looks crude but if you've ever played mario brothers you'll get a kick out of this flash, definatly worth a look. Hey, would it be here otherwise?
The lifespan of a mayfly can last from 30 minutes up to 24 hours. Most mayflies never make it to a computer and die without ever knowing the joys of Drennor>com
I love this flash, its a parody on both metal gear solid and videogames vs. real life
An old one but a good one, from the time of the conclusion of the golden age of napster. Was one of my favorites and still is
The matrix remade in a black and white flash. Question is if there's no color how do you know what color pill you're taking
Presented by stickpage.com
I won't ruin it forya. Turn up your sound, turn down the lights, and enjoy