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Times were tough in the old west, sand getting in your gears, the merciless sun beating down on your exoskeleton and the only means of transportation being speedy hoverbikes. Tough Times.
I don't want to ruin anything forya. This is made by the same people who made 'badgers' and 'magical trevor'
Bring 'em Young University presents 'Alight'
If you haven't ever heard of All Your Base Are Belong To Us then you don't belong on my site! This craze has been around for a little too long, in my opinion, but for historical reasons i have included this flash to show what started it all. feel free to close it when you're bored, its quite long
Like the Xiao Xiao series? You'll LOVE this. One of my all time favorite flashes. The animator draws a stick figure, which in turn fights back against the animator using any objects at his disposal
I didn't think he could do it, but Alan actually surpassed the quality of his first flash. Make sure you visit Atom Films to thank them for making this happen!