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- Welcome to Drennor 2.0! -
Drennor (∞)
Drennor posted 9 years ago -
Finally it's here! - DRENNOR 2.0 -

We've completly redesigned the site in PHP from the ground up, adding stability, speed and 'epicness', while keeping the same look/feel from the original site that we've all grown to love <3

Some of the new features include full-access user accounts that work throughout the site -not only just the forums. *All current users from the old forums have been given 'Founder' access as a thank you for their support over the last 4 years. Thank you!

Also you may notice the new search bar -altho this is no ordinary search bar. This is a DYNAMIC search that will fetch your results WHILE you type. Yea you heard right, you get 'epic search' FTW.

A few of the new features are only available for those users who login via their (free) account. For instance once logged in you will be able to add select content to your favorites list. Constantly find yourself navagating click after click to watch the same flash, video, or play the same game? Adding it to your favorites menu will give you quick 'one click' access to your favorite content without any hassle. /flex

You may also notice that you have a little progress bar under your screename. You may also see buzzwords like 'levels' and 'rep' -those will come into play later. Eventually there will be a system set up where users gain 'rep' as they browse and interact with the site, which will then open up new areas/features for them. These features are not yet ready however we wanted to let you accrue rep even now while you browse the site. We'll explain this in more detail as time goes on

We've also given users the ability to rate content. Rating content gives you some 'rep' mentioned above while letting other users know if it is cool/fun or 'not so much'

There's some other surprises too. We'll continue to add new content and features to the site along the way. If you have any ideas feel free to post them on the forums here, but enough of my yammerin' ~
slick23 (21)
slick23 posted 9 years ago -
So, exciting.......let's get browsing :)
DireDrone (2)
DireDrone posted 9 years ago -
Alright! Drennor 2.0 is here!
Lirali (14)
Lirali posted 9 years ago -
bought time dren.......jk jk grats, i know how hard you have been working on it...
-72eSpecT- (13)
-72eSpecT- posted 9 years ago -
Brignar (5)
Brignar posted 9 years ago -
drennor 2.0! you will be like a jet made of biceps!
Lord_of_Dolphin (27)
Lord_of_Dolphin posted 9 years ago -
Woooo go Drennor 2.0
Anti-Prime (9)
Anti-Prime posted 9 years ago -
WOW drennor is frakin awesome now! well i g2g fix up my avatar!
KHERD posted 9 years ago -
Tis' truely a great day for mankind!
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