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This video was made for a Circuit City HTI contest. We had the best video submitted by far, however since it was a popularity contest we came in 2nd. Fail. Regardless watch the best submission in awe and be amazed that we did not win

Here it is! Our latest video creation - Firedog #2 - Thanks to everyone who made this possible and let us know what you think on our forums!

There was a lot, A LOT, of footage cut out of the 'Firedog' video. Here's some of the highlights

We created this video in hopes to win in a contest at Circuit City. We won hands down of course. Basically the video was to say what firedog meant to us... of course like always we just did our own thing -and it paid off!

Featured Exclusive

This movie has been quite a work in progress, 6 months in planning and then completed in 3 days (mainly because i'm lazy and had never started it :P) This is a non-biased look at WoW vs SWG, as i'm sure you'll agree. Even if you haven't played either game its still a good watch. Enjoy the first ever 'real' Drennor>com exclusive video.

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